Arnica Montana

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Proper Name: Arnica Montana (Asteraceae/Compositae)
Common Names: Leopard's bane, Wolf's bane, Mountain tobacco and Sneezewort.
Source: Arnica grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia.
Parts used: Whole plant when in flower.

What is Arnica used for:
According to, "The Complete Guide to Homeopathy" by Lockie and Geddes, Arnica is
1. An excellent first aid remedy, for phyical and emotional shock and injuries.
2. Given internally it promotes healing of damaged tissues and helps control bleeding.
3. Good remedy for joint and muscle problems from either injuries or excessive exercise.

A legend goes that mountain climbers used to chew the arnica fresh plant to relieve sore,
aching muscles and brusies from falls. Well they may have, but according to the book
"Herbe Maudites," by Newall, Anderson and Phillipson, Arnica should not be taken
internally except in suitable homeopathic dilutions!

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